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About George

Award-winning humanitarian engineer and social impact leader from Peckham, South London.

George Imafidon MBE is the CEO of Motivez, an organisation dedicated to upskilling young people and improving access to STEM careers. He is also a Performance Engineer with Sir Lewis Hamilton's Team X44, as well as a Board Member at the Co-op Foundation, and the Hamilton Commission.


George’s interest in science and engineering began early - from seven years old, he supported several of his friends by fixing their bikes for pocket money, as local bike shops proved too expensive. His love for go-karting, racing and building eventually culminated in his decision to pursue motorsport. Supported by a scholarship from the Southwark Council, George went on to study mechanical engineering and programming at University College London (UCL), where he graduated with a First Class.


His desire to build expanded to encompass creating products and programmes to improve lives and communities. Over the past eight years, he has worked in technology, consulting and engineering with firms such as Google, McKinsey, Prodrive and Rolls-Royce where, through a novel component, he managed to save Rolls-Royce £50 million.

George Imafidon - Speaking at RS.jpeg

In 2015, George co-founded the award-winning venture, Motivez, which was highly commended by Her Majesty the Queen after supporting over 8,000 young people in the UK aged 14 - 25 to access entry-level jobs in STEM. The Motivez team is composed of experienced young professionals who work closely with corporates, funders and local government to deliver programmes and products that empower young people from underrepresented backgrounds to solve the world’s biggest challenges through STEM, progress into employment and become changemakers.

As a diversity champion, George helped set up the supplementary school, Aspire Prep, and led the #AB1Million campaign to raise £1 million for the Amos Bursary to ensure talented men of African and Caribbean descent have the opportunity to excel in education and beyond.

George continued to pursue his commitment to platforming underrepresented voices through his appointment in September 2020 to the Board of Commissioners for Sir Lewis Hamilton’s Commission, set up jointly with the Royal Academy of Engineering to address the underrepresentation of Black people in UK motorsport and STEM. As a young Black engineer, George was able to advise and guide the Commission’s work, introduce the research team to key stakeholders and young engineers for interviews and shape the final report, which attracted high public and political attention. In 2023, George was recognised for his work in the King's Birthday Honours List for services to young people in STEM.

George has a truly extensive vision, one which involves trailblazing for young people, pursuing sustainable, positive impact through technology, and facilitating change in the communities that need it the most.

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